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The Campbell Brothers are some of California's most notable legendary shapers, and they have played key roles in surf history due to their contributions to the development of the Bonzer fin concept. Fortunately for enthusiasts, the Campbell Brothers are alive and well, continuing to produce quality hand-shaped bonzers for all to enjoy.

The shape presented here was the most popular Bonzer model during the mid to late 70s. Russ Short, Duncan, Cliff Collinge, and the speaker all rode slight variations of this template during that period. This model was pushed to its limits across a variety of wave types and proved to be an incredibly versatile high-performance surfboard. The Russ Short model is primarily used with the 3-fin setup, although it can also accommodate the 5-fin system.

Dimensions: 6'8'' x 20 3/4'' x 2 3/4’’


Shipping: The rates for surfboard shipping are contingent upon the surfboard's length, weight, and the destination of shipment. Once you've placed an order for a surfboard, we will promptly get in touch with you via email to provide additional information regarding shipping rates and available options.


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