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A box for storing away your surf wax has always been a good idea. Surf wax can be messy so a wax storage box is a no brainer. So we wanted to create a wax box which is sustainable, strong, practical and looks good.

Here's the result, the Northcore Surf Wax Box. Constructed from bamboo and designed to fit most sizes of round, squared or rectangular shaped surf wax blocks. The box dimensions come in at 4cm x 9.7cm x 9.7cm. The laser-engraved box lid is held in place by two magnets.

The wax box is a sustainable surf accessory that will offer years of practical service. The box is presented in a jute bag for storage. A great gift item for any surfer, paddleboarder and athelete or essential buy to add to your surf kit.


  • Wax not included
  • Approx weight 0.15kg
  • Approx dimensions 4cm x 9.7cm x 9.7cm


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