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Afends is an Australian brand that originated in 2006 in the serene coastal town of Byron Bay. Founders Declan Wise and Jono Salfield built the brand on the foundation of a small screen printing business that focused on printing band merchandise for punk and hardcore bands. Combining the culture of surfing and skateboarding with the punk and hardcore movement, the Afends brand has evolved into a distinct look and feel that still resonates today. Afends has created a global community of like-minded and creative individuals who are bound by a shared passion for the brand's spirit of living. With each range, Afends is constantly evolving, adapting, and inspiring future trends that reflect their way of life. The brand's philosophy, "Question Everything," is not about educating others but rather inspiring them to educate themselves. It encourages people to research and find answers on their own, rather than blindly believing everything they hear or see

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