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The Critical Slide Society (TCSS) emerged in 2009 from the heart of a tranquil seaside village nestled along the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. Co-founded by two passionate surfers and artists, Jim Mitchell and Sam Coombes, TCSS was born with a compelling vision: to establish an authentic and artistic platform that pays homage to a burgeoning alternative movement within the realm of surf culture. Rather than fixating on the triumphs of the podium, TCSS is a celebration of the profound delight found in an immersive surfing existence.
Collaborating harmoniously with a diverse spectrum of artists, photographers, designers, filmmakers, and surfers hailing from every corner of the globe, TCSS cultivates a shared perspective and inspiration. Upholding a distinctive ethos, TCSS prides itself on an approach that places meticulous emphasis on its designs, reflecting a genuine devotion to detail.

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