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Lightweight backpack with Rib-Cage Construction™, specifically designed for the female anatomy
Designed with the female anatomy in mind, the Db Feya 16L backpack features ergonomic shoulder straps and a fitted back panel for comfort.
Stowable hooks keep the design minimal. Inside, you'll find organisational compartments and small pockets. This pack features Db's durable Rib-Cage Construction™ and opens completely to give you more visibility.

Rib Cage construction™
Inspired by the human rib cage, which protects the body's most valuable organs, Db's patented Rib Cage construction™ protects your gear in the bag. The Rib Cage construction is built from strong, lightweight ABS ribs formed as a triple-fold structure. This means that conventional padding can be dispensed with. This makes the bag lighter and yet protected all around.

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