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The Journey was born in 2015 in Baleal, a small coastal place in Peniche area - home to some of the best surf spots of Europe, back then as Janga Intl Store Peniche. We have always focused on making the difference by taking a thoughtful approach to the entire lifecycle of products that we sell, which is why we bring a selection of apparel from brands that put social responsibility and the environment first. We create an alternative to fast fashion partnering with authentic brands like Roark, Electric, Banks Journal, Db, Genesis, Birden, Revolwe and many more. The Journey offers high-quality clothing, made sustainably, that people can afford along with durable and timeless accessories including headwear, backpacks and premium eyewear. Today we empower you to buy less by buying better.

Here at The Journey our passion for surfing results in great technical expertise with wetsuits and surf hardware. We stock the biggest range of Janga wetsuits in Portugal, an independent and alternative Portuguese brand that creates mind-blowing high-quality performance wetsuits. When it comes to surfboards we stay true to the same conscious approach and are proud of collaborating with a brand like Sunova whose surfboards are made to last. With a collection of carefully selected surfboards, from a custom made Thomas Bexon , Chris Christenson or Nautilus single fins to a more alternative Campbell Brothers, we ensure that you won't get rid of your surfboard by any time soon.

The Journey represents more than just a physical journey to the beach - it symbolizes the journey of life. Our journey transcends geography and time getting in touch with ourselves, creating meaningful relationships, exploring new destinations and sharing unique stories, inspiring and getting inspired to pursue our passions and follow our dreams. The never ending desire to see and try it all, it’s the journey through life and time, as well as through space, deeply engaged with the ocean and love for gliding waves.


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