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The Campbell Brothers are known for their revolutionary Bonzer system, which was first introduced in December 1970. It was the world's first 3-fin setup and quickly became the most effective fin configuration for powerful waves.
Although the thruster later became the standard, the Campbell Brothers believe there's no substitute for the original Bonzer. The Bonzer system provides an effortless feeling on rail-to-rail surfing, enabling surfers to get on rail quicker and hold it there for longer.
During turns on a surfboard, water travels diagonally across the bottom of the board. The Bonzer system utilizes the combination of Bonzer concaves and long-based side fins to redirect more water through the tail area than other designs, maximizing the force created during turns.
Not only does the Bonzer system help clean up a surfer's technique, but it also enhances flow and provides greater hold and drive, thanks to the larger center fin. The Campbell Brothers' innovative design continues to push the boundaries of surfboard technology and inspire surfers around the world.


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